Saturday, 22 March 2014

Saturday shopping ...

Just before crossing the Bulloo River, we slowed for some cattle being herded along the roadside.

There were people on quad bikes directing them forward. We'd seen many cows along the road previously but this was the first time there had been anybody with them.

We drove slowly along the main street as we decided on a plan of action.

First stop was the post office, which also offered a few local souvenirs and hand-made craft items, including fly veils - which were advertised on a blackboard in front of the building. 

It later became obvious why fly veils were displayed so prominently! I bought two postcard, more stamps (as Yowah's supply was getting low) and a couple of pens.

Our next stop was FoodWorks, where the modest range seemed luxurious in comparison to what we'd become used to in recent weeks.  Among other things, we splurged and bought two litres of fresh milk!

Vaughan and Erin sat outside the shop, keeping Keegan company and working on Vaughan's new cross-stitch kit!

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