Friday, 28 March 2014

Water, water everywhere!

After dropping Vaughan to school, Nick and I went up to check for mail.

We were out of luck. Today's mail run had been cancelled due to the heavy overnight rain. 

The usual Friday excursion from Yowah to Eulo School had also been called off - but the principal's car is only a "pretend 4WD", so she is understandably cautious about making the trip during or after rain.  (There are four larger water crossings on the road between Yowah and Eulo.  It doesn't take a lot of rain for the creeks to rise, making the road impassable).

The two largest crossings have floodwatch cameras to monitor their water levels.  Nick and I were interested to see the rain's effect, so drove out of town to see how much the water had risen.

These photos were taken a short distance from Yowah.  Although the water was flowing very quickly, it hadn't covered the road. 

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