Friday, 14 March 2014

Bird-watching Hobby ...

There are many birds around. Their songs wake us in the morning. We see and hear various of them throughout the day also.

We haven't yet matched all calls to their owners but recognise when there is a new one - as we heard this afternoon. Nick called me out to see the visitor, who was being swooped upon by the local birds. He/she certainly wasn't popular!  Many of the rainbow bee-eaters were circling close.  A pee-wee swooped the newcomer, as did one of the other locals. We walked out the back to get a better look.  The bee-eaters would rest from their circling every so often but didn't entirely give up their efforts. The intruder was just as determined not to move on.  It was an interesting stand-off.

We were able to get reasonably close to the new bird.  I took some photos with my zoom lens and we used them to attempt identification.   At the moment we are leaning toward "Australian hobby".

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