Friday, 14 March 2014

Bright (bath) idea!

As much as I enjoyed my starlit soak the other night, I prefer my bathing without bities. 

I'm still working on a plan to thwart the mozzies but am determined to make the most of the roofless bath-house, so decided upon a DIY day-spa this morning.

Nick dropped me off at 10:00am and arranged to return at 11:30am.

I had everything I needed for a long soak, including a good supply of chilled water and an insulated mug.

(We have tank water at home, so need to limit our water use).

There are no water restrictions here, so I filled the bath to the brim. Bliss!

I used my mud mask, washed my hair, watched a little lizard running over the wall, listened to various birds outside and saw another one fly over (quite a long way up). Definitely my kind of day-spa!

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