Saturday, 1 March 2014

Cobb Cooker: Rock cakes

I used four heat-beads for our lunchtime damper and belatedly thought to use the residual heat for more cooking.

By the time I made the rock cake mixture, the beads had largely burned away.  I added one extra to cook the first cakes.

After half an hour, I turned the rock cakes over.  Obviously that's not the usual cooking method but it works OK!   The cakes had an extra thirty minutes of cooking time on their second side - and were done.  I had a bit more mixture so dropped four spoonfuls on the solid plate.  Nick added two more beads, which resulted in a quicker cooking time for the second batch.

How were they?  Pretty good!  Nick took several over to share with our neighbour, who ate two (and didn't offer any crumbs to his dogs) - so obviously liked them!

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