Friday, 14 November 2014

(Not) Cooking with gas!

We don't use gas when camping and won't be starting now that we're caravanners!

Although our van originally had a 3-way gas/electric fridge fitted, that space was converted to storage area long before our purchase.

Our two very efficient Engel fridge/freezers run on 12 or 24-volt power and we have no intentions of replacing them. (At this stage, we'll continue to use one or both set up in the rear of Elmer).

Similarly we are very happy with our dual-fuel stove, which we tend to use outside - so the gas stove inside the van is also surplus to demand. For those reasons, Nick removed the gas bottle holder from the drawbar and took out the gas stove. The stove area now provides good storage for our collection of kettles, billies and teapot.  (I've put the toasting forks in there and I'm sure it will become a home for other cooking items).

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