Sunday, 2 November 2014

Layover at Lochiel ...

The evening light was really pretty as we drove into the Lochiel rest area.

It was our first night free-camping with the caravan, so Nick and I had some Aldi bubbles served in our smaller green polka-dot cups (two that hadn't rolled around the floor in transit)!

We set up the Cobb Cookers for a BBQ dinner, then sat back to watch the evening settle over the paddock.  There were lots of little birds about and a few rabbits also. 

Vaughan took his bike for a ride along an access track while he could still see where he was going.

Nick lit our lantern and the dual-fuel stove (so as to cook our pre-packaged pasta).  The pasta al fredo wasn't fully cooked but our flavoured sausages and corn on the cob were definitely appreciated!

Some of us had bananas and UHT custard for dessert - which was good, too!

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