Saturday, 1 November 2014

Green Hill Lake late brekkie ...

After our midnight arrival, we took the liberty of sleeping in on Saturday!

The weather looked variable and we hadn't brought a gazebo, so I set up our dual-fuel stove in the large picnic shelter close to us.

We took tables and chairs across also.

There were several tables in front of the shelter but it had already rained a few times and we opted to stay dry.  While I was making myself comfortable, Nick was chatting to one of our neighbours.  Rick had planned to leave but decided to stay another day.  We confessed we were first-time caravanners and he offered some advice about caravan levelling methods, as well as our planned modifications.

Breakfast was quite a laid-back affair.  The picnic shelter didn't have BBQs but I improvised along similar lines as we had the previous night.  I'd brought eggs from home, some bacon and home-cooked baked beans.  We had a feast!

We stayed Green Hill Lake, just outside Ararat.  It's only 200km from home and an easy drive - if we leave in the afternoon! We'll visit again, for sure. Although the water level was low, there were many birds and quite a lot to see in the local area.  Of course, the bargain $5.00 per vehicle per night camping fee particularly appealed - especially as there were flushing loos and hot showers available!

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