Saturday, 1 November 2014

Pizza party!

During the angst of the caravan key-retrieval, I said to Erin that her belated birthday pizza party might be even further delayed. 

Luckily it wasn't - and once the van was again accessible, I set up both Cobb Cookers in the nearby picnic shed / pizza parlour!

I've made pizza in the Cobb Cookers at home but this was the first time I'd used them for pizza while camping, though we made very fine camp oven pizza in the Warrumbungles. 

Previously I've used our enamel camping plates as pizza trays.  This time I cooked the pizzas directly on the Cobb grill plates.  I didn't keep track of the cooking time, just checked for crispness of the base and done-ness of the toppings!  I made six small, very rustic pizzas.  As an experiment, I also used one of our Aldi wraps for a base.  It was OK but definitely not in the same league as the home-made dough!

As well as making dough, I also make pizza sauce using this recipe.  One quantity is split into three small containers.  Two are frozen for later use.  I brought a frozen portion with me, and the sauce had defrosted nicely by Saturday night.

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