Saturday, 1 November 2014

Silly Shower!

I had a shower late on Saturday night.  Actually it may have been just after midnight.  I felt quite grotty after all the day's excitement, so traipsed 200 metres down to the amenities block, determined to go ahead with my ablutions regardless of the cold. 

To put matters in perspective, I later realised the temperature was just 4 degrees!  It wasn't the first time I'd had a late-night, cold-weather shower but there was no power point in the Green Hill Lake amenities block for a fan heater (even if I'd thought to pack one)!!

The shower only had one tap but the ranger assured me I could use it to dial the correct mix of hot and cold water.  What he neglected to mention was the fact that I needed to continue to hold the tap in for consistent water flow!  Yep, one-handed showering!  If I let go, the water stopped and I then had to twist the tap again to adjust the water temperature!

I had lovely hot water but had to scamper a bit to get dressed.  Nick, Erin and Vaughan all waited to shower in the morning - and reported that hot water wasn't so hot by then, though the general outside temperature was a bit more reasonable.

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