Sunday, 2 November 2014

Driving to Dimboola ...

It is fair to say the weather had been quite variable during our stay at the Green Hill Lake reserve.

There had been frequent rain cycles along with cold winds, so after our Gum San visit (and some lunch) we decided to pack up and move on - because we could!

I'd borrowed a few free/low-cost caravanning books from the local library and we picked a couple of places to head toward.  West was our general direction, so we refuelled at Horsham (which cost $168.00, just a little less than the quoted locksmith fee of $186.00)!

Dimboola was our next stop, where we pulled over to stretch our legs and have some afternoon tea.  (Our green polka-dotted cups had tumbled out of the cupboard during transit, so I gathered them up while in the van retrieving some corn chips and salsa).  It was very pleasant sitting in the sun, watching the birds and admiring the quiet township.

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