Saturday, 1 November 2014

Langi Morgala Musuem ...

After viewing the lookout, we called in at the local visitor information office. A very helpful lady provided us with some discount entry coupons to several of the town's main attractions. 

She was also happy to recommend some free and/or low-cost activities. As the Langi Morgala Museum doesn't open on Sundays, we choose to visit it first. What a very interesting place! 

When we visited the small historical display at Lightning Ridge my favourite item was Harold's opal-set false teeth

Although Langi Morgala had an old dentist chair, operating light and treadle-powered dentist drill (!), I didn't spot any false teeth.  However, I was quite taken with Don's 1875 sunglasses!

Vaughan really liked the Aboriginal artefact display - which is the largest in Victoria.  In fact he was quite happy throughout our visit.

The collection of school resources was very interesting. They were described as being in use during the 50s and 60s but I started primary in 1974 (not too long after the museum originally opened) and remember using some items - though Nick pointed out that my schools were probably not equipped with the latest equipment!

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