Saturday, 1 November 2014

Power lunch?!

We were ready for lunch when we left the museum but didn't need to go back to camp as we had our picnic suitcases in the car, along with a fully-stocked Engel fridge.

There was a basic rest area out of town, so we pulled over to use one of the neat picnic settings.  We chose the un-graffitied option, which was obviously intended for tall people because I could only just touch the ground with my toes!

When we bought our caravan, it had a small electric fridge mounted near the front door.  We removed that as our two Engels are far superior  - and will run on 12 as well as 240 volt power.  (Although the van obviously had a 3-way fridge at some point, that had  previously been removed and the fridge cavity now has a shelf instead).

For this trip we opted to take one Engel in the back of Elmer, plugged in to our Thumper.  We were without power for nearly four days and the system worked perfectly throughout. 

Most caravans have gas stoves (and the 3-way fridges can operate on gas too).  The gas stove in the van looks to be the original one from 1974!  We plan to remove it and will continue to use our dual-fuel stove and lantern.  Our lighting options also include battery-powered headlights, "UFO" lights and a magnetic LED strip light that plugs into the Thumper.  We used LED lighting for the first time this trip and were very impressed by it's brightness!

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