Sunday, 1 October 2017

St George stop-over

We delayed our original departure date so as to attend the Grand Final spit roast night. It was a lot of fun - even though we aren't football fans!

No one likes packing up and there had been a lot of rain overnight, which made conditions very soggy/more difficult.

Nick tarped the bed before folding up the camper trailer and we did our best with various other gear.

Suitcases rode on the roof-racks, contained within gear bags.  I didn't give a lot of thought to extra water-proofing and a library book arrived home sodden.  We replaced the book and will research upgrades to our roof-rack bags. 

Eventually we were ready to roll out.  I remembered to take a quick photo of Vaughan near Eulo, for the now/then archives.  (In 2010 his head was barely higher than the flood marker)!

We stopped for late lunch at Cunnamulla around 3:30pm.  It rained heavily the rest of the day.

We planned to free camp on the way home but the thought of setting up our wet gear in the rain didn't appeal - and it seemed Erin in her swag might float away during the night!

Given the long weekend and our desire for a pet-friendly cabin, I wasn't sure how successful we'd be.

We reached St George at 7:30pm.  Erin made some calls while we re-fueled at the 24-hour pump.

We just about cheered when we found a Bandit-friendly cabin at a tourist park around the corner!

It was great to be out of the car - and out of the rain. We were hugely relieved not to be camping in the amazingly wet conditions!

The cabin tariff was $100.00 and felt like the best $100.00 we've ever spent!

(Yowah to St George = 450km or almost half-way home).

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