Saturday, 26 April 2014

Eulo Queen (kitten)

After our wonderful bathing and a few purchases to take-home, there was still no sign of Nick and Vaughan. Ian very kindly drove us back into Eulo.

We sat on the verandah of the Eulo Queen Hotel with our cans of lemon squash, watching the world go by.

Most of the cars had left, the BBQ was being packed up and the town was returning to it's usual quiet state.  A young kitten came out onto the verandah and when Nick and Vaughan arrived a little while later, the kitten gained a new friend.

I'd asked the barman if lunch was being served but he seemed doubtful and directed me to pose my question to the cook, who was sitting on the verandah.  At that stage I wasn't sure which lady was the cook - or how much later Nick and Vaughan would be.  Once they arrived we walked the short distance to the Eulo general store but they weren't serving lunch either, though Emily offered to make a sandwich.  It seemed an impromptu picnic was warranted so we bought some bread and cold meat, before heading back out of town.

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