Monday, 28 April 2014

Bluff drumming

When my very dear friend Kerry visited me last year, she and I bought matching long leopard-print dresses. We planned to wear them for our sunset drinks. Sadly the weather changed that same day and we didn't get a chance to flaunt our fabulous fashion.

I brought my dress with me to Yowah and wore it for the first time this evening, toasting Kerry on the Bluff!

Vaughan was a bit puzzled but I'm sure Kerry will enjoy the sentiment (now that I've found a couple of photos where I don't look like a stunned mullet or a spotted sea-slug)!

We took a few nibbles up to the Bluff - and a couple of drums also. 

There was a time when I would drum regularly as part of a dumming circle and when my girls were with me, they would join also. 

I've drummed on the Bluff other times - in 2000 and then again in 2010.  I wasn't expecting my family to drum tonight but it was very pleasant to play together while watching the sun go down, lighting a golden path from it to us.

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