Thursday, 24 April 2014

Thursday treat!

Erin and I went up to the "day spa" this morning and spent an hour or more soaking/wallowing in lots of warm water!  I can't speak for Erin but my bath was full nearly to the brim - wonderful!

We have a bit over a week left of our extended holiday.  I'm making the most of endless water, while I can. Once we are home again, we'll be using tank water - which is either limited by rainfall or boosted by small amounts of bore water, in the hope that it will rain.

In both cases, huge baths are really not the done thing!

Erin had a few mozzies in her yellow cubicle, so finished her bathing more quickly than she had intended.

By that stage I'd washed my hair and washed off my face mask.  Even so, I took a bit longer to extract myself from the water.  Once we were dressed, we called for Nick to chauffeur us home!

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