Thursday, 24 April 2014

ANZAC Biscuits

Vaughan helped me "build" ANZAC biscuits this evening, after we'd cranked Louie's fuel stove into action!

We made a double batch of the mixture and created many, many biscuits. I didn't bring any baking trays with me - and they are not an item that Louie uses, so I improvised. 

I'd bought two cake tins at Charleville, which provided enough space for five biscuits at a time.  I also used our enamel camping dishes, which worked well for four biscuits per "tray".

A couple of batches were a bit over-done but not many biccies were wasted.  We've each sampled a few and I've packed a generous dozen into a plastic container, for our ANZAC Day picnic tomorrow.  There were more than two dozen biscuits left.  They've been sorted into smaller piles and packed into freezer bags, to give away.  I only have one large plastic container, so our sample bags have been stashed in one of our large billies, ready to gift tomorrow.

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