Monday, 21 April 2014

An afternoon at the races!

We were a bit sad to miss out on the Charleville yabby racing, so decided to hold some of our own when back at Yowah. Today was deemed a fine day for the event.

Of course, a race needs participants - and our first mission was to catch some! We bought two nets, made a quick stoop back at home for rope and a bucket - then headed off to a nearby creek.

We'd already packed up provisions for a late lunch BBQ (using some of our prize sausages).

At the creek, our two nets were baited with some YOMSCI sausage, which we hoped would entice good racing yabbies.

Nick lit the dual fuel stove, to BBQ the remaining eleven sausages. (We'd divided our meat tray prize into five manageable packs).

As we sat eating lunch, there was discussion as to the best method for conducting a yabby race - as well as guesses about how many yabbies we might catch.

Vaughan's net yielded many fish and one crab, while Erin's had less fish and one large yabby. (All the fish were returned to the creek, as quickly as possible).

We didn't have enough participants for a yabby race, so held six crustacean races instead!  Our contestants were named for Ranger's Apprentice characters.  Will Treaty (the crab) won three races and Erak (the yabby) won the other three!

Will and Erak had one last race, back into the creek!  We had a lot of fun and I expect we may well enjoy more yabby racing in the future because we far prefer catching yabbies to eating them!

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