Saturday, 26 April 2014

Diprotodon unveiling

Erin was booking an early Mother's Day treat when she heard of Eulo's diprotodon unveiling.

We decided to attend because it's not often those opportunities are available - so Erin scheduled our other appointment to fit.

You may be wondering why there is a diprotodon statue at Eulo. It's likeness is based upon "Kenny" a diprotodon skeleton discovered in the area, one of the largest and best preserved mega-fauna skeletons ever found.

"In 2011 a new site was investigated in Eulo shire. It represents the most highly concentrated accumulation of megafauna discovered anywhere in Australia."

Usually when we stop at Eulo, there are two or three cars about - at most.  It was funny to see so many parked along the main road this morning!  We found a spot for Elmer and then headed over to the action.  The Outback Gondwana Foundation had set up a small display of three diprotodon vertebrae and a fibula.  In chatting with the representative we learned the bones were mineralised, not fossilised (which is a much longer process).

The Paroo Shire Council Mayor and the Member for Warrego were both in attendance to conduct the official unveiling - and then the statue was "open for business"!

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