Thursday, 17 April 2014


At different times over the years, we've visited Dubbo Observatory and remember those experiences as being cold - very cold! Nick and I were guests at a Central Coast astronomy gathering also - and that was another cold evening. 

We dressed more warmly for our Charleville Cosmos Centre visit, which meant wearing jeans and jumpers rather than thermal under-wear and ski jackets!

I'm sure being the right temperature added greatly to our appreciation of the evening - and we did thoroughly enjoy ourselves! 

Nick knew how many zeros a trillion has - which really impressed the presenter - and we were all super-impressed by the observatory's slide-back roof!

There were four telescopes in use, which worked well for the number of people in the group.  Two were height-adjustable, so I stayed with Vaughan at that end (with other shorties)!  We saw the Orion nebula, jewel box, Saturn, Jupiter and the moon.  Daytime sun-viewing (through a filtered telescope) was available as was an introduction to the night sky (without telescope).  It would have been nice to attend more sessions - and I expect we will at some other time but can highly recommend this one!

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