Monday, 7 April 2014


A little further round from where we posed for our cave family photos, there was a large bee-hive.  Nick, Erin and I had seen another hive during our previous walk but this one was larger. 

Australia has ten species of social native bees (and over 1,500 species of native bees generally).  However these guys weren't natives but rather feral Europeans.  How can I be so sure?  One stung my belly while I was taking photos (and making a short movie). 

I had retreated and was examining the sting when I became aware of two more bees stuck in my hair.  I didn't want to pull them out so shook my hair as vigorously as possible, hanging my head upside-down and swiping with my hat.  No, there is no photographic evidence!  Eventually I moved the two hitch-hikers along - and moved along myself! 

I'm not greatly impressed with my bee photos but I certainly don't intend to go back and take any more!


  1. I freak out when they get in my hair and so of, course, have been stung on the head. Husband says to just stand still the will leave if they can and if they can't squash them...Hmmmm I chose option 3 and was stung. Some of those wild hives are pretty impressive though aren't they?


  2. Hi Barb - Yes, I thought if I didn't bother them, they would leave me alone. Nope! Vaughan is allergic and I was more worried about him but I needed prednisone as well as anti-histamines to counter my reaction to the sting - so I'll be far more cautious next time! Still a very interesting exercise though ...