Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Cooper Creek Cheffing!

I often experiment during our camping expeditions but bought basic items at Thargomindah - sausages, tin corn, dehydrated peas and packet pasta.

I'm glad I didn't plan anything fancy. Food preparation with billions of flies is not pleasant.

We took our dual-fuel stove with us.  It has two burners, so some improvisation was necessary.  I prepped the packet pasta in the thermal cooker's small pan. 

The pasta was cooked initially (using the larger burner) for about five minutes on the stove and then transferred to the thermal cooker. 

We'd taken the solid Cobb Cooker plate, so fried onions on that before transferring them to a small bowl and placing it in the large pot of the thermal cooker (under the pasta).   Once the onions were done, Nick used the plate to cook our sausages. 

While the sausages were sizzling, a mix of tinned corn and rehydrated peas was cooked in a small billy, on the smaller burner. 

Our improvisation worked well.  All items were cooked and hot at the same time, when we were ready to plate up.  Thankfully the flies had dispersed when darkness fell - and the strong breeze kept most of the mozzies at bay!

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