Thursday, 10 April 2014

A-veiling ourselves ...

While Nick was topping up Elmer's tanks, the rest of us looked inside the Innamincka Trading Post. Typically Vaughan called for ice-cream, so hovered around the freezer displays while Erin and I looked at the postcard selection.

More importantly, Erin spotted the fly veils.  $7.50 seemed a small price for comfort, so we purchased four. 

We'd bought two fly-veils in a clearance sale for 50c each well prior to our Melbourne relocation.  Those veils had been rediscovered and brought to Yowah, but were still in Louie's shack.

We took our rubbish to the tip, just 800 metres from town.  It was a great place to test our new fly-veils - after we recovered from the excitement of seeing our first-ever wild dingo!  (Technically Nick has glimpsed a dingo during the night but this was a much better view).

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