Thursday, 17 April 2014

Wings of time ...

Petrol was around 20 cents cheaper per litre at Charleville than what we've been paying locally. 

We hadn't been able to fit our jerry cans into/onto Elmer for the trip but we made sure that both his tanks were filled to capacity (and topped up again before heading "home").

As an aside, Nick received a discount when paying for the fuel.  The friendly cashier applied a "senior discount"!  Understandably, I was hugely amused when reading the receipt - though less entertained when I was offered an application form for concession stamps at the Post Office!

Many years ago, somewhere in the Northern Territory, Erin had her photo taken beside a road train.  Back then she was not much higher than one of the wheels.  When she spotted this "proper" road train, we saw a compare/contrast photo opportunity for the family albums!

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