Saturday, 26 April 2014

Mother's Day Mud-bathing!

Do you know the old cliche, as happy as a pig in mud?  That was Erin and I, a couple of blissed-out piggies enjoying our extended wallow at Eulo's Artesian Mud Baths

We'd been before, with Nissa, during our July 2010 Yowah trip so knew we were in for a treat but this time we had a room with a view out as well as up! Gorgeous!

I wasn't sure we'd get to go mud-bathing this trip but then Erin had the brilliant idea of treating me to an early Mother's Day present!  What a wonderful gift!

You can see a short (g-rated) movie of our bathing here.

Erin mentions eating mud during the "footage".  She's referring to a mud fight at the nearby mud springs. Of course, bathing is a far better way to experience the therapeutic benefits of the ancient artesian mud!

The bathing process is to soak in the muddy water for 30 minutes. After patting dry, wet mud is applied to slightly damp skin. It takes about ten minutes for the mud to dry. It's then washed off in the bath or under the shower - or both. The finale is to apply a lovely, rich moisturiser, based on date palm extracts.

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