Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Medical attention ...

Erin and I returned from the craft "morning" around 2ish. I happened to rub at my belly, the site of yesterday's bee sting and thought to check how it was going.

Last night I had an inflamed area around the bite site, about the size of a 50-cent piece. It was about the same size this morning and I applied some topical cream as I had already taken an anti-histamine tablet.  On checking this afternoon the inflamed area had grown larger, so I was prompted to seek further advice.

I rang the Charleville base of the Royal Flying Doctor Service.    As no doctors were available there, I was transferred to Mt Isa and discussed my symptoms with a doctor who used to work from Charleville about 18 years previously (so had actually heard of Yowah)!

He prescribed 151 and 157, to be taken for three days.  If there was no noticeable improvement I will need to make further contact and/or attend a flying doctor when they next visit Yowah.

Our neighbour, Fred, is one of the key-holders for the clinic and it's medical chest.  We went next door with my scribbled notes and he met us at the clinic.  I took my camera, so I could snap a few shots of the medical chest.  Aside from the fact that the bite is mildly uncomfortable, it was a very interesting exercise!

Unfortunately the clinic was out of stock of 157, so we rang the doctor again.  157 is a stronger anti-histamine and as there is sometimes a delay in restocking the pharmaceutical supplies, I will continue to take my lesser dose tablets - along with a three-day course of 151. 


  1. So can you explain more about the key holders and how dispensing medicine works, please? How many key holders are there? Are the key holders trained? Where is the medicine chest kept and who refills it? Is there signage for visitors to be able to locate a key holder? So many questions!!! It's all fascinating to us "city folk".

  2. I'll need to take some more pics I think, Nammo - to show the buildings and the noticeboards etc. Will work on that at the end of the week, after we've dug the Dig Tree!