Friday, 18 April 2014

Perfecting the pack-up!

Our great grocery shopping took up space within Elmer's rear compartment, so Nick opted to strap more camping gear to the roof.

We were up a bit before 8:00am and had breakfast soon after (cereal with real milk - two luxuries)! It was 8:15am when we started to pack-up.

By 9:45am, we were ready to roll out. I even had a shower during that time (when most of the work was done).

Neil and Dot are currently managing the park.  They made us feel very welcome and we enjoyed chatting with them around the campfire on our first night.  They kept an eye on Keegan during our shopping expedition and we shared a few more stories with Neil before heading "home" to Yowah (via Cunnamulla as we hadn't previously travelled that section of road).

We highly recommend the Evening Star Tourist Park and will definitely stay again - next time we are in Charleville!

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