Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Memorable morning ...

Today Erin and I joined some of the local ladies for a craft morning.  We weren't exactly sure what to expect, so took along some small projects to work on. 

Since arriving in Yowah, Erin has been cross-stitching and she took one of her current Easter egg designs.  I had some small felt pieces and found an owl template last night that used materials we already had with us.  It was a pleasant morning, seeing what the other ladies were up to and listening to their chatter.   We added comments at times but for the most part enjoyed working quietly.  I finished my owl and attached a brooch-back so that I could wear him home.  Hopefully we'll remember to attend again next week!

Funny story:  Erin was asked last night how she'd been amusing herself in Yowah. She responded "craft" and most of the men present stared at her. After a short pause one of them said they used "craft" is an acronym for "can't remember a f...... thing" and she seemed a bit young to be suffering similar memory loss! 

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