Monday, 21 April 2014

Blue door

We are conscious that we'll be leaving Yowah in eleven days. The weeks have flown by and while our remaining time is longer than many people enjoy as a usual holiday, we'll be sad to go.

We made a list today of activities still to enjoy - or enjoy again. With our list in mind, Vaughan and I headed up to the open-roof bath-house this evening.

He claimed the orange-door stall as it had a green bath and two skinks in the other one - so I tried the end blue-door cubicle.

I had a slightly different view of the tree-tops and enjoyed listening to some birds (and Vaughan's chatter) while watching the sky change colour.  There were a couple of mozzies about and Vaughan decided he'd had enough bathing about thirty minutes after arrival.  A few wisps of pink cloud were just becoming visible when we headed home again, admiring the sunset.

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