Sunday, 20 April 2014

Sunrise, sunset ...

We started the day watching the sun rise over the Bluff, so it seemed fitting to end the day on the Bluff also, viewing the sunset.

Our decision was fairly spontaneous but I managed to chill our well-travelled bottle of bubbles and put together a good array of nibbles.

We took our picnic to the western side of the Bluff and set up in time to watch the sun, slowly sinking behind the tree-line.  It was a very pleasant end to our first Easter Sunday at Yowah.

My 2004 Tamburlaine bubbles have made various moves with us before being relocated to Melbourne. The bottle may have done a loop up to Wagga Wagga as practice for the long drive up to Yowah. Since our arrival, it's also journeyed to Thargomindah, Innamincka and Charleville!

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