Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Eagle-eyes ...

We see a lot of nests in roadside trees as we drive along the roads out here. Most are small and unidentified.

Even so it's rare to see an eagle's nest, particularly one so close to the road. I asked Nick to turn around to we could walk over to the tree for a better look.

The heat struck us as we exited Elmer and started to make our way across the scrub.  There were many flies also. In spite of those issues we were glad to get a closer view of the nest.

Vaughan climbed a little way up the trunk but found the bark too slippery (and like me, has a height phobia).  Nick went up next and climbed higher.  I passed my camera up to him for some better shots.  Of course, I remained on the ground (as did Erin)!

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