Friday, 11 April 2014

Wills' Grave' Grave was over 20km from our campsite, so we hadn't tried to get to it after sunset. We did want to see it though, so set out after packing up.

The sandy tracks were interesting and we could see how they could quickly become closed.

There were two markers for Wills' grave but Vaughan was far more keen to explore the water, so we followed him down a steep slope and posed for some family pics by the Cooper Creek. 

It was a beautiful spot, though quite a lot lower than one of markers (which indicated the water level in 1861).

On the way back to the carpark, Vaughan took another detour to the water-way and we spotted many small shells on the sandy track, quite a way from the creek.

The flies were about in force, so we were very pleased to have our fly-veils - and the car as a refuge.

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