Wednesday, 16 April 2014

40 cents well spent!

We've heard very good reports about the Quilpie butcher's sausages, so decided to buy some for lunch. We bought "restaurant bread" from the baker as well as olive spread, milk and onions from the local grocery store.

Erin had made coleslaw prior to departure and we really enjoyed our flash sausage sizzle in the Bob Young Memorial Park.

The electric BBQ required a 20-cent piece to operate and fortunately we had change in the car, cos we needed 40-cents worth of time. 

(Well, 30-cents really but that wasn't an option)!

On arrival the BBQ was a bit grotty but these days I travel with BBQ wipes, so Nick used a couple of those.  (I also have sugar soap wipes that are handy for other picnic cleaning).  Neither product was bought specifically for picnicking but both have proved quite useful on occasion.

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