Monday, 7 April 2014

Major sighting!

After my bee encounter, we started making our way back to the bluff plateau.  It was a bit of a scramble up a rocky outcrops but easier than some of the access points we had used at other points of the bluff.

Nick followed Vaughan along the edge of the bluff.  As usual, I was slower than everyone else because I had been taking photos.  Erin and joined one of the vehicle tracks.  It was a longer walk but it was a fairly clear path.

Along the way, we spotted two Major Mitchell cockatoos in a tree.  I enjoyed a good look at the pair before they flew off.


  1. I use the *taking photos* thing as my reason for being slower than everyone else too. They are good photos though and you wouldn't get them like that if you were running along in front of everyone.


  2. Thanks, Barb! You've probably seen many shots of the others walking along ahead. Those pics are the real deal as I'm generally happy toddling along behind! ;)