Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Evening Star cheffing!

We arrived at Charleville in the late afternoon. Our first stop was the tourist information centre as one of the local caravan parks offered camp oven dinners and yabby races on Wednesday nights (one yabby for every two dinners purchased).

In truth, we were keener for yabby racing than the dinner but in any case we were a couple of weeks too early for the season, so saved our money!

(Of course, the alternate plan is a DIY substitute - catch some Yowah yabbies and hold our own races)!

Given we would be dining in, we stopped to pick up a few ingredients then headed a little way out of town to the Evening Star Tourist Park.  We were warmly welcomed and chose a campsite an easy walk from both the amenities block and camp kitchen.  The camp kitchen housed two modern gas BBQs but Nick opted to use the more rustic 44-gallon drum, wood-fired alternative!

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