Thursday, 17 April 2014

Flitting around town!

We were woken by the sun and breakfasted in the camp kitchen.  Last night's campfire was still smoking a little and the morning pace was pleasantly laid-back.

We all had showers and got organised to head into town. Charleville is known as the "big smoke" of the region and we enjoyed browsing the retail shops and having a great range of grocery items at reasonable prices.

Erin and Nick had scripts filled at the local chemist, we took advantage of the Crazy Clint's sale and picked up a few op-shop items also. We all enjoyed our bargain shopping!

As we drove up to Charleville we saw many butterflies along the way.  There were lots on bottlebrush bushes around the camp-ground, particularly one near our tent.  Nick and I counted four larger varieties as well as one or two much smaller types.  I took some footage and will share that soon.

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