Saturday, 19 April 2014

YOMSCI Win-ski!

We were still discussing whether or not to attend the YOMSCI BBQ thirty minutes before it was due to start. As you can see, we went!

We'd had some experience of how things worked as we'd attended the community BBQ during our July 2010 visit.

Experienced BBQ goers know to take their plates upside-down to meat table, so as to keep the right sides clean for cooked steaks etc.

We'd chosen one of the "slower" BBQs but even so it benefited hugely when one of the blazing logs fell out!

Bread and salad was available - and there was desert also.  We quite enjoyed the evening and paid $5 for three raffle tickets, which was drawn at the end of the night.  One of our tickets was called, so I won a meat tray - that is, we scored 58 sausages for $5!  How good is that?!


  1. I was pretty chuffed, Nammo - it was either that or some perfume that I'm pretty sure I wouldn't like! ;)