Thursday, 3 April 2014

Happy chappies!

There are a group of apostle birds that frequent Yowah school regularly and we often hear them around the buildings there. Vaughan was called upon to escort one from inside the classroom this week!

There are other groups around the town but Louie dismantled his automatic gardening watering system, so they don't visit us as often - sadly. I heard them this morning and threw a small amount of bread out, to encourage them closer. They were a raucous, squabbling bunch and one of the noisiest was a junior bird calling for others to feed it!

We've seen apostle birds at other places - Dubbo, Lightning Ridge and the Warrumbungles but I associate them with Yowah because that's where I first met them.  They are common across eastern inland Australia though and I always enjoy seeing them. 

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