Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Cunnamulla's corellas ...

We had a big day in Cunnamulla today, arriving in town around 10:00am (after leaving Yowah at 8:00am).

Our first stop was the chemist, to stock up on various prescription and other over-the-counter medications - as well as some personal care items.

Nick and Erin were quite impressed that their scripts were put into new covers, featuring a photo of the "Cunnamulla Fella" statue!

We visited the butcher (and I took a photo of the meat pack posters for future reference).

After carefully comparing the various packs, we ordered two and arranged to collect them later in the day, closer to departure. IGA was our next port of call, where we stocked up on some dry goods, items on special - and three litres of fresh milk!

We enjoyed lunch at the Boutique Hotel, where we sat inside.

The tables all had cloths and our soft drinks were served in large glasses (with ice)!  Very flash!

It's been a while since we've eaten out and we really appreciated the civilisation!

Re-fueling Elmer was the last job on the list.  There were many corellas in the tree beside the church and a few playing on the roof-line.  As I was taking photos, I remembered that many years ago I had lost part of a favourite leather butterfly hair ornament while walking near the church!  Funny, eh?!

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