Saturday, 1 March 2014

Stir-fry sprouts ...

Tonight's stir-fry worked out so well. I started by browning onion slices, some steak strips and dried garlic.

While those ingredients were cooking, I made a quick sauce with soy sauce, a slurp of sweet chilli sauce, a dash of my home-made Worcestershire and the last dregs of a commercial smoky BBQ sauce. Well, I think that's what I did - it was really good and hopefully I can do it again!

As the title suggests, I rinsed off our tray of sprouted stir-fry mix and tossed them into the pan for a few minutes, just before serving - along with some rehydrated peas.  The end result was very tasty - and Vaughan actually ate a few sprouted chickpeas!

There are plans to start off another stir-fry sprout tray tomorrow.  Our first tray only took three days but the temperature has been cooler due to all the rain.  The sun came out this afternoon and it looks as if the hotter weather is set to return.  Hopefully our seeds will continue to sprout as planned. 

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