Saturday, 1 March 2014

Wandering about ...

The bore drain runs along the back of Louie's house (and most of those along Matrix Drive). There is a street map here.

Nick and I went for a walk this morning, along the bore drain. Some parts of the track were quite boggy from all the rain but it was good to get out.

I thought at first that the white chairs belonged to one of the houses but there were other sets placed at intervals along the path, so perhaps they are the Yowah equivalent of park benches?!

We walked up from the bottom of Matrix Drive to the bore head (1 Blue Bonnet Boulevard) and then looped down along Harlequin Drive, past the Rural Transaction Centre.

We cut back through Park Lane, past the Museum to Matrix Drive for the homeward stretch.

The corrugated iron building (at right) in the pic above is an old hut.  A lot of Yowah's houses were this basic style when I was a kid.


  1. Red dirt everywhere! Is Matrix drive tar sealed? Loving your posts. I'm learning so much about this part of Australia.

  2. All the streets are sealed - and there are even street signs (though there was an emu wandering along the road out the front this afternoon)! The tar stops just out of town along Bluff Road so access to the tip, the cemetery and the Bluff is via dirt but we like that. Quite a few dirt tracks around, including back-gate access to those along Matrix Drive.