Monday, 3 March 2014

School's in (but kangaroos are out)!

We visited Yowah State School on Thursday - and were made very welcome. 

Vaughan was invited to join the afternoon science session with the other students.

I had emailed the principal last year, around the time we started planning our trip - as I felt it was important that Vaughan had social contact while away.  During our visit to the school last week, several options were discussed - but the one that most appealed to Vaughan was that he enrol for the time that we are here.

Vaughan attends a small school at home, which has increased it's enrolments over the past year to around 30.  Yowah is even smaller - so our boy will be one of only three students!  On Fridays they travel to Eulo (65km each way) to join the children there for health, technology and sports subjects - as long as the roads are open. 

School was closed last Friday due to the rain because several of the water crossings were deemed too high.  The principal mentioned to us that she is more cautious about flood/road closures after being stranded at another school for two weeks!

Nick and I walked Vaughan to school this morning.  Well, he bounded ahead while we carried his lunch bag!  We were careful to close the gate and not let any kangaroos in, though seemingly there is a resident emu who lies in wait for the principal when she heads home at the end of the day!

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