Sunday, 2 March 2014

Home away from home ...

I didn't take many photos of Louie's shack during our last visit - a fact that became more obvious once we were home again.

There are actually two shacks on the section. 

The older, probably original, dwelling has been converted to a storage building - by cutting a large door in one of the end walls!  There's another shed behind it and a large carport at the end of the newer shack.  We had thought of erecting Erin's tent in there but she's decided to stay in with us, after hearing the wild pig stories!

Louie's made various changes in recent times.  The clothesline is now strung along the back verandah, under cover.

I can hang clothes without having to don long-sleeved shirt and hat, though still can't drop anything wet onto the red dirt!

As you can see, Oscar is enjoying his holiday - exploring a little around the house, though he's not allowed too far from home (away from home)!

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