Wednesday, 7 January 2015


At this stage we are treating the caravan like a tent on wheels.

We haven't really taken advantage of the cupboard space - or the on-board water tank. As you can see, we still took water with us on this recent trip, stored in large containers.

Nick disconnected the caravan water tank yesterday.  It's far more modern than the caravan, not unlike the one here.  The plan is to clean it, after doing some Google research - and replace the disturbingly green water line.  Hopefully the pump tap works but if not, a new one doesn't seem too expensive. There is talk of installing an outside tap but we're not sure how feasible that will be.

Over the weekend, Nick and I used the dual-fuel stove to boil water for washing up.  I noticed several other campers had rigged their solar showers in accessible positions, so as to use sun-heated water for dishwashing etc. I can only remember using our black-bag once or twice (for showers) but rather liked the idea of low-effort hot water on tap, so will try to locate our bag and stash it in the van ready for our next trip!