Saturday, 3 January 2015

She's got legs (and eggs)!

It was a day for observing smaller wildlife.  Our camp site was a short walk from the Howqua River and we wandered down after breakfast, hoping for a mid-morning swim. 

Of course, Vaughan was particularly keen to get wet!

The water sparkled in the sunshine and looked very inviting, so I perched on a rock and paddled my feet.  I had my back to Nick, so heard rather than saw him being pulled over by Bandit (the dog). 

In the confusion, I left my thongs too close to the water's edge and watched one sailing past as I checked on Nick's well-being. 

Once equilibrium (and thong!) was restored, we all enjoyed sitting by the river. 

In admiring my surroundings, I noticed this dragonfly, mainly because her wings were shimmering with water droplets. 

As I inspected her more closely, I could see she was busy laying eggs - hundreds of them!

How neat is that?! It was a highlight of our day and has prompted some discussion since.

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