Sunday, 18 January 2015

Picnic finale!

Packing up the van is a pretty laid-back exercise, far simpler than dismantling our tent(s), beds and bedding. I made our bed and recovered it in the plastic cover.

The floor was swept, washing sorted, washing-up packed to take home and various items were stacked in neatly.

Vaughan played a last Magic game with the boys next door, while we chatted to their parents and some other people who were checking out the campground.

We departed around 12:30 - and had enjoyed a sleep-in, pikelet brekkie and some socialising around the packing.

There had been a music party in the forest overnight, starting in the early evening and continuing till about 4:00am, so our sleep-in was definitely appreciated.

We drove the short distance to Trentham where we bought two lovely loaves of sour-dough bread from the local wood-fired bakery.  The Quarry Street Reserve in town is very pretty, so we enjoyed a picnic lunch of fresh bread, home-cooked corned beef and home-made tomato relish - while watching the antics of ducks, geese, coots and other waterbirds. A very pleasant finale to our weekend away!

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