Sunday, 25 January 2015

By gumi, we're good!

While we were at Sheepyard Flat I saw a few campers had rigged their shower bags to provide solar hot water for various uses - washing up and so on.

I suggested we dig our shower-bag out and do the same. 

We found it the other day, half-filled it with water and noticed a sizeable hole!  Drat!

Rather than dash out and purchase a new bag, Nick did some research and found instructions to make a Portable Solar Water Heater

We already had gumis from our wonderful Wagga Wagga trip last year.

Yesterday Nick sought to use other materials on hand to create his version of the solar heater linked above.

Plan A didn't quite work, so we headed into Bunnings this morning.  They didn't have quite what we wanted but Masters did.

What did we get? Four metres of clear hose ($4.80), one t-connector ($0.70), one valve ($2.75) and 6 hose clamps ($8.10).  The gumis were free and Nick already had the adhesive at home.  Total cost - $16.35, which is a bit cheaper than a new bag with probably at least twice the capacity (and we've had the fun of putting it together).

The gumis are set up on Elmer's bonnet and heating nicely.  We tested the water temperature after an hour or so and it was noticeably warmer than when filling the tubes.  Another hour afterwards and the water was pleasantly warm, though no-one was keen to set up the ensuite and have the first gumi-wash!

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