Saturday, 3 January 2015

Show us your badge!

Most spiders at Hamby Home(in)stead are gently captured and escorted outside. 

Erin does some volunteer work with Museum Victoria and recently introduced us to Badge Huntsman spiders.  That is, one of our household spiders was caught in the usual method - identified with much excitement - and then taken into the Museum, where it is now on display!  Of course, we are quite pleased that one of "our" spiders was accepted for exhibit!

The Badge Huntsman is distinctive due to a smiley-face "badge" on the underside of it's abdomen.  How neat is that?! 

Nick found this fellow on our first morning at camp and relocated him/her to a nearby tree.  We discovered another badged fellow tucked in a compartment of the dish drainer on our second morning.  We assume it was a different spider and not the first keen to spend more time with us!

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