Saturday, 24 January 2015

Daleks are cool!

Earlier this month we took advantage of one of Aldi's sales and bought a 7.6litre Coolibah cooler jug for $14.99. Bargain!

The description stated it has a cold storage time of approx 48 hours.

Nick commented at the time of purchase that the lid wasn't insulated and my plan was to make a cover, in line with the covers we use for our other thermoses.

(Even our Engel fridges have extra insulation in their purchased covers).

We took the jug with us last weekend.  It worked well but I still wanted to make an insulated cover. 

While we were at our favourite tip-shop today, Nick spotted a new car-shade.  I've fiddled with it this afternoon, to make a two-part cooler jug cover.  The larger wrap-around section was fairly easy.  It just needs some Velcro - and when I find that MIA haberdashery, I finish the job! 

The lid section was much harder to make.  It's definitely not perfect but I'm hoping it's serviceable - and performs as expected!  I might try to hold it better in place with some buttons and elastic but am conscious the silver-backed foam isn't a great medium for sewing projects - and we'll need to treat the lid cover gently, so that it doesn't tear along the seams.

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